Quality Assurance

At Kapp Alloy & Wire, consistent quality is our highest priority. Over the past two years we have received a 100% quality rating from all of our major customers (*based on customer survey responses). Kapp's Quality System is based on two premises - first, that successful manufacturing requires a team approach, and second, that quality control is achieved and sustained when all members of the work force are actively involved in every aspect of the quality system. Within the production team, each individual is responsible for controlling quality within their section and each lot/heat is monitored throughout processing. Final alloy composition is measured against specified standards using spectro-chemical analysis of the finished alloy. Wire products are also monitored against dimensional specifications using laser micrometers.

The purity and accuracy of Kapp's alloying processes are accomplished using our proprietary Precision Microcasting™ process. Because this equipment is exclusive to Kapp Alloy & Wire, we maintain a closed shop. Customers requiring onsite inspection for quality assurance purposes can receive a general tour of our facility, as well as a review of our quality assurance records and systems. Actual production facilities will not be shown to anyone outside the Kapp Alloy & Wire family. Combining the Precision Microcasting™ process with high purity virgin raw materials ensures that we continue to make and ship only the finest solder and flux possible.

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