Kapp Companion Fluxes

Fluxes for Soldering Aluminum

Kapp Golden Flux™ - Chloride-Free, Organic-Based Flux

Designed specifically for soldering Aluminum to Aluminum, Copper, and Stainless Steel. Available in both LIQUID and PASTE formulas. Active Temperature Range 350°F to 550°F (177°C - 288°C). Golden Flux™ will char at temperatures above 550°F.

Kapp Lunar Flux™ - White Paste, High Temperature Flux

Works well on all common Aluminum and Zinc Diecast alloys. Long shelf life and consistent performance over time. Active temperature range between 550°F and 800°F (288°C - 427°C).

Fluxes for Soldering Metals Other Than Aluminum

Kapp Comet Flux™ - Flux for All Common Metals except Aluminum

Liquid flux highly recommended for use with Silver solders on Stainless Steel. Effective fluxing action on metal surfaces is 350°F- 550°F (177°C - 288°C).

Comet Flux™ will char at temperatures above 550°F.

Kapp Copper-Bond Flux™ - High Temperature Soldering of Most Metals

Liquid flux designed for high temperature soldering of all common metals except Aluminum. Effective soldering range - 550°F - 800°F (288°C - 427°C).