Kapp Alloy & Wire, Inc. is a world leader in high quality consistent Babbitt alloys. We combine high purity virgin raw materials and our proprietary Precision Microcasting™ process to create the world’s strongest, most consistent Babbitt. Like our world renowned DuraKapp™ #2 Babbitt, all of our Babbitt alloys remain consistent from edge-to-edge and end-to-end through thousands of pounds of ingots and bars, and through thousands of miles of spray wire. Benefits to you include higher productivity, less rework, less cleanup, fewer defects and higher quality finished products. These add up to Real Money.

All DuraKapp™ Babbitt formulations meet or exceed their engineering standards. Whether ASTM B23 or SAE J460e or QQ-T-390 specifications are employed, you can be confident in DuraKapp™ Babbitt. Individual batch analyses are available for every order from Kapp Alloy & Wire, Inc. As always, we stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Babbitt Classifications

There are many specific formulations for bearing Babbitt, each designed to meet the needs of specific bearings in use. However, Babbitt can be classified as either Tin-Based or Lead-Based according to the following table.

Babbitt Classification LIMITS
Surface Speeds (fpm) LOAD (psi)
Tin-Based Babbitts 1,000 2,400 100 2,000
Lead-Based Babbitts 100 1,000 100 500
fpm = feet per minute, psi = pounds per square inch

Click on the Babbitt Classification above to review more information on each Babbitt Class.

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Babbitt Forms

By far the most popular Babbitt in bearing refurbishment today is DuraKapp™ #2. DuraKapp™ #2 Babbitt is available in 35 lb ingots, 6 lb notchbars, 1 lb bars, 18” sticks and as continuous spray wire on 25 lb spools, and in 250 lb payout packs.

Most other Babbitt formulas are available in ingot and bar forms only. They are too hard and/or too brittle to make in a wire form.

Additional Babbitting Products

KappaTinning™ Compound

KappaTinning™ Compound is a dry mixture of pure powdered Tin and flux specifically designed for pre-tinning cast Iron, Steel, Bronze and Copper bearing shells. A one pound container of KappaTinning™ Compound contains about twice as much Tin and goes further than other tinning compounds currently on the market. learn more »