MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS Title MSDS Description
MSDS 121 Kappaloy™ Tin-Zinc Solders for Aluminum to Aluminum and Copper
MSDS 137 KappZapp™ Tin Silver Solders for Electronics / Electrical Applications
MSDS 145 Kapp Lead-Free Tin-Antimony General Purpose Solder
MSDS 156 Kapp Alloy Cadmium-Tin Solders for Most Metals
MSDS 170 Kapp509™ Cadmium-Zinc Multipurpose Solder for Aluminum Alloys
MSDS 184 Kapp Lead Silver Solder for Electronics / Electrical Applications
MSDS 200 Kapp Tin-Lead Solders for Electronics / Electrical Applications
MSDS 222 Kapp GalvRepair™ Tin Zinc Lead Multipurpose Solder and Galvanizing Repair
MSDS 226 KappRad™ Tin-Zinc-Cadmium Multipurpose Solders for Aluminum Alloys
MSDS 227 KappRad™ #40 Tin-Zinc-Cadmium Solder for Aluminum and Alum-Copper
MSDS 230 KappTecZ™ Cadmium-Zinc-Silver Solder for Aluminum to Most Metals
MSDS 272 KappFree™ Lead and Cadmium Free Potable Water Solder for Most Metals
MSDS 300 Galvanite™ Tin-Zinc-Copper Solder for Lead-Free Galvanizing Repair
MSDS 417 Kapp Tin Lead Silver Rosin Cored Solder for Electronics / Electrical
MSDS 425 KappZappR™ Tin Silver Rosin Flux-Cored Solders for Electronics/Electrical
MSDS 475 KappZappA™ Tin Silver Acid Flux-Cored Solders for Electronics / Electrical
MSDS 500 DuraKapp™ ASTM B23 Grade 2 Babbitt
MSDS 506 DuraKapp™ ASTM B23 Grade 3 Babbitt
MSDS 550 Kapp Comet Flux for Metals Other Than Aluminum 350°F to 550°F
MSDS 551 Kapp Golden Flux for Aluminum Soldering 350°F TO 550°F
MSDS 552 Kapp Golden Flux PASTE for Aluminum Soldering 350°F to 550°F
MSDS 553 Kapp Copper-Bond Flux for Metals Other Than Aluminum 550°F to 800°F
MSDS 556 Kapp Lunar Flux for Soldering of Aluminum 550°F to 800°F
MSDS 557 Sal Ammoniac Aluminum Chloride Flux Block for Most Metals 300°F to 600°F
MSDS 559 KappaTinning Compound 500°F to 550°F
MSDS 900 Kapp Alumite™ Solder for Casted Aluminum and White Metals
MSDS 950 Kapp Hi-Pure™ Tin
MSDS 951 Kapp Hi-Pure™ Lead
MSDS 953 Kapp Hi-Pure™ Cadmium

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