Kapp Antimonial Tin™
Low-Cost Lead-Free Solder for Electrical/Electronic Connections

Benefits and Uses

95% Tin / 5% Antimony a.k.a. "Antimonial Tin" is a Lead solder replacement for soldering electrical equipment, Copper tubing, and cooling coils for refrigerators. Joints are of moderate strength where the higher strength and higher cost of KappZapp™ Tin-Silver solders is not necessary. The higher Tin content provides higher electrical conductivity than a high Lead solder in Electrical/Electronic joints. Also used where Lead may be a hazard - for instance, in contact with foodstuffs or water potable pipes. Antimonial Tin solders containing 5% Antimony (Sb) are suitable for use at higher temperatures than Tin-Lead solders. Specification: ASTM B32, Grade 95TA

The following chart contains typical physical properties for Kapp Antimonial Tin™ solder joints. Many factors, such as materials, temperature, and method of application determine the solder joint strength and characteristics. Call Kapp for engineering assistance to discuss your specific needs. We recommend testing appropriate alloys in your specific application to ensure suitability. Samples of Kapp alloys are always available upon request.

Physical Properties & Technical Data
Composition 95%Tin - 5% Antimony
Solidus (°F)/(°C) 452°F / 234°C
Liquidus(°F)//(°C) 464°F / 240°C
Tensile Strength 5,900psi*
Shear Strength 6,000 psi*
Elongation 2%
Electrical Conductivity 11.9 (%IACS)